About us

Haut Touch is a digital retouching studio founded in 2005 by Xavi Carreras and Dani Caño.  Both are originally photographers and have extensive previous experience in retouching as freelance retouchers in various different studios.

During 6 years they were based in one of the turrets of “La Casa de les Punxes” and in 2012 moved to “Palo Alto” in the area of Poblenou, Barcelona.

“Palo Alto” is a bounded territory, an urban island that retains a piece of memory of Barcelona and it’s industrial past.”

Text taken from www.paloaltobcn.org






The main objective of the studio is to provide a personalised solution for the handling of your images, guaranteeing quality and reliability at each stage of the photographic process.

They use only the most reputable tool: Quato Excellence and Eizo ColorEdge monitors, Quad Core MacPro’s and  Wacom Intuos tablets.

When printing, they use a color proofing system with ISO certification, GMG ColorProof running on an HP Designjet Z3200, alongside a Just Normlicht viewing booth for graphic arts standard lighting conditions.







Xavi Carreras

Began his professional career as a photographer’s assistant in the fields of architecture and fashion.

After completing his studies in 1990, he settled in Menorca where he carried out various tasks; alternating interior, product, society and archaeology photography.

Meanwhile, another opportunity arose in travel photography, and his work has been published in national and international magazines such as Descobrir Catalunya, Ronda Iberia, Viajar, Península or Gente ViaggiGeoTraveller and Meditérranée .

He came back to Barcelona in 1996 where he studied digital retouching and very soon began to work with color calibration tools, thus allowing him to work as a retoucher in various studios.

Finally in 2000 he decided to go it alone, and in 2005 created, with Dani – Haut Touch.

He began teaching in 2005, in the Master en Imagen Digital in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and implemented seminars in the Master of EFTI, a photography school  in Madrid.  He also gives conferences/lectures for Adobe, Apple and Hewlett Packard in Spain, England and Germany.

Co-author of  Silver Lux Award in Digital Retouching 1998 ( AFP )

Co-author of  Gold Lux Award for Architecture 2002 ( AFP )


Dani Caño

Began his professional career in the early 90′s as an auxiliary and production assistant for advertisements in producing service: Setama, Bcn Action Alternative, O’partner, among others.

From the field of advertising production he began running incursions in the world of cinema and film photography while simultaneously earning his position as Director of Photography specialising in advertising image.  Here he engaged contacts with producers such as La Cosa de las Peliculas, Blow Up, BeNeCé , VideoOn , Mirabeche, Awen, Bru & Ros Productions, Milana Bonita, etc.

Following a voluntary change in his profession in 2004, he is now dedicated to digital retouching of advertising images, as well as architectural photography and interior design.

He decided finally to go it alone and in 2005 created, with Xavi - Haut Touch.

Since 1996 he has combined his filmic profession with his existing work.  He has given talks, classes and in other situations has been Head of Studies for Educational Centres or Universities.  Superior School of Cinematographic and Audiovisuals ESCAC, the University Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), MK3, Superior School of Arquitecture or TV3 among others.

Since 2006 he has presented conferences for Adobe and Hewlett Packard in Spain, as well as lectures and specialised seminars in advanced digital retouching and colour management – for the Association of Visual Artists of Catalonia (AAVC), The Grey Art Photography School in Barcelona and the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid (online training).

Co-author of  Bronze Lux Award in Landscape and Nature 2006 ( AFP )


Haut Touch Retouching Studio
Pellaires, 30-38 (Palo Alto)
08019 Barcelona
Telephone: 93 458 11 86 from 10.00h to 18.00h.
Buses: 7, 26, 41. Metro: L4 (Selva de Mar). Tram: L4 (Fluvià). Bicing: Ramón Turró 287 (corner Bac de Roda). Parking: Palo Alto.